1) How much can I make? What do I have to do?
Your results will be based on how much traffic you can drive to the game and how many of the sign-ups you refer convert to "Pay-to-Play" members.
Our average affiliate payout is in the range of £250/month with the very top super affiliates earning between £5,000 - £10,000 each month.

2) When (and how) will I receive payment of commissions?
Before the 16th of every month, you'll receive payment for your earnings from the previous month. The time it takes to arrive depends on your chosen method of payment.
The payment options we offer for affiliate commissions are: Cheque and Electronic Transfer.

3) How are my referrals tracked by the system?
Each of your banners, landing pages, mailers, etc. are assigned a unique URL and this is how they are tracked. The system detects each time one of your unique links is accessed and credits you for the referred player. Your referral link(s) can by found by visiting ...

4) What is a Pay-to-Play Member?
Members are considered "Pay-to-Play" when they signs up make a deposit and start wagering.

5) Where can I view how much revenue I've brought in?
The affiliate program interface will provide this information to you. Click on Reports and select Overview to view your revenue, player acquisition, and traffic data.

6) I can't locate what I'd like to see in the Marketing Tools section.
Please email us and we'll do our best to provide you with the materials you are looking for.

7) Are there any types of websites that you do not allow affiliates to advertise on?
Yes. The following types of sites are not accepted: pornographic sites, sites aimed at minors under 18s, and sites that promote illegal activity of any nature. We reserve the right to remove sites with such content.

8) How can I get further assistance?
Please email our affiliate manager and she'll assist however possible.